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Scoowa (Kristall) Co. is a Hong Kong based lighting fixtures provider

established in Hong Kong during 90s. Our products present a harmonious mix of European and Chinese styles

with a mission to provide unique, tasteful style and superior quality lighting fixtures to our customers at affordable price.

We adhere to our mission in striking a perfect balance between price and value. 

From classic to contemporary, we have an extensive selection of premium crystal lightings

including chandeliers, ceilings, wall lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps and interior decorations; selected items are currently available at different dealers' stores located in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing and Shanghai.


Our products are made with exquisite crystal accessories, which are selected and imported from

European countries (eg. Bohemia, Austria, Italy, Germany). From design, material processing, assemble to

packaging are all carried out by our team in Hong Kong.

Premium production of the products, material imported and quality control with regular inspection ensured.


"We create the one and only chandeliers with great quality to our customers.

A chandelier is not only a product but also a piece of art; it tells it’s own story and represents your personal lifestyle.”

- Morris, designer of SCOOWA

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